The Story

Emily and Redwan have long dreamed about a Mahala Guesthouse as a home from home, a spot for people to come and be held as they create time for deep rest and nourishment.

The intention is to create a soft space to land in nature, around like-minded people, where you can enjoy the community and conversation as much as the tasty home cooked food and Mahala decor

This home is nestled into a quaint village in the Suffolk countryside, full of thatched houses with old beams and cherry blossom. It is surrounded by beautiful trails and close to the local village of Lavenham. An ideal spot to be slow and gentle with yourself.

The invitation is for people and families to come and retreat and spend time together or alone. With a simple Turkish brunch and seasonal dinner included, guests don’t need to think or organise anything else for their time away from city life. They can just arrive and settle, enjoy the garden, go on walks or pick wild garlic, read or enjoy conversations with other guests.

One of the reasons why Mahala has such a loyal following is that it has always been a holistic way of life. Pop in to buy a gift and leave with a recipe for natural face cream from Emily, or invitation to join Redwan as he eats his home cooked lunch. The shop has been an extension of their family, and so is their guesthouse.

Emily and Redwan have extended their values, influenced by Sufism, and their deep respect for the natural world, into all their interactions. They have been gently promoting the old ways through craft and creating natural products, exploring ancient ways to heal the body and raising their children aligned with these ways of knowing.

Their hope is that Mahala Suffolk will become a place for people and young families to retreat and partake in this way of being. Allowing themselves to unravel from city life, receiving nourishment from the Mahala family and the abundant nature surrounding.