Roomi Apparel

Roomi Apparel is all designed thoughtfully and made carefully by us here in east London using sustainable surplus fabric and buttons of the highest quality. We do small runs of each fabric to add to each garment it’s uniqueness and offer life time free repairs as we believe that our garments are made to last for many years if continued to be given the TLC it deserves.

Our Designs are inspired by traditional Sufi clothing that were made simple and suitable for an active life style as well as being modest and down to earth.We only use 100% natural fibre fabrics of cotton, Irish linen or wool.

We also make bespoke garments for customers that want a specific colour/fabric or if they wanted to supply us with a fabric, in the design they like. We believe clothing is similar to eating. They both have a spiritual effects on us. So, we should have close personal relationships with the ones cooking our food and making our garments. Might sound crazy but try it and you will feel the amazing difference!