500ml Hand Soap

500ml Hand Soap


Essential oils don’t just smell good but they are also natural medicines that have been used as treatments for centuries.  Unlike the synthetic fragrances that are made from harmful chemicals being widely used in beauty and care products, Essential Oils are healing.

Our plant based hand soap is combined with a blend of plant oils to us to help you stay fresh, relaxed, awake and happy during your day.

  • Full 500ml glass bottle. 
  • Price includes vat

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Eco friendly hand soap. A lightly scented liquid soap to clean the skin gently, and keep it soft and hydrated.

Free from parabens and silicones!

Available in a variety of exciting scents added essential oils of bergamot, rosemary, lavender and geranium.

500ml Bottle.

Handmade here at Mahala an independent homewares and accessories.


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