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  • £120.00

    Handwoven Merino Wool Stole (indigo & tesu dyed)

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    This naturally beautiful scarf has been woven on a handloom and dyed with indigo and tesu to give it its truly rich colours

    Naturally dyed textiles take much more time, effort and patience to make but the outcome speaks for itself. Synthetic dyes can never give the glow to the fabric that natural dyes give. Ethically made in india and certified by Craftmark as hand woven and hand-dyed.

    Made with a blend of super fine wool & merino wool yarns.

    The length is about 24 inches by 86 inches with. There are also tassels of roughly 4 inches (10cm) length.

  • £22.00

    Horn Shawl Pin

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    Unique shawl pin that combines beauty and practicality. The pin is made from a single piece of horn and is perfect for a shawl or sweater. · Length: The pin is approx. 10 cm long and approx. 2 cm wide. Made in Denmark using the traditional craftsman skills since early 1800s