Vintage Turkish Rugs

    Our handmade vintage turkish rugs have a history of 50-100 years. It is made with a tool with the name "carpet weaving loom", which is very famous in Turkish people. Being handmade is very challenging. Some take a day, some…

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    Vintage Moroccan Rugs

    Our vintage rugs from Morocco are handmade. Most are between 50 and 100 years old. The fact that they are handmade indicates that they are healthy. They will add color to your home with their magnificent patterns unique to the…

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    Vintage Van Rugs

    We offer you these wonderful handmade rugs from Van, Turkey, on our page. The fact that they are handmade makes them much healthier, the dyes used on them are also healthy. The pattern of the cat, which has two different…

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    Large Vintage Rugs

    With Larger Rugs, you will now be able to make your living room more nostalgic. Rugs create a historical feast with their patterns and colors. They will cover your house more easily and it will be comfortable. Check the photos…

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    Kilim Cushions

    Kilim cushions always remind people of past history.. Your house will look like a quote from a historical mansion. It will be a nice detail in your home with its colors and lines. e-mail: or Contact Number: 07410391173  

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