Mahala rugs are thoughtfully sourced by ourselves from independent and trusted rug dealers in eastern Turkey. Turkish kilims were homemade by women to be used in their own homes. And the ones with finer details were made by the bride with the combined help of her family and friends as a part of their dowry. Each kilim is hand woven using vegetable dyes and often in small panels hand stitched together. This is because the house looms would only allow a certain width to be woven at a time.

Majority of our rugs are vintage and semi antique. Being between 50-100 years old, they aren’t anything like machine made perfect modern rugs. Uneven weaving, minor stains and wears & tears are all expectable things that add to the character of the rug.

We work closely with our fellow rug dealer suppliers in Turkey and also have connections with Moroccan and Iranian rugs importers within the UK. So even if we haven’t got what you’re looking for we do have a high chance of finding just the right thing that you’re after.

Washing rugs deteriorates the fibres so is only recommended every 20 years. Spillages should be wiped off immediately and the remainder let to dry. After drying out completely, you should be able to scrape it off because wool fibres aren’t as absorbent like cotton.

We offer an excellent speedy service of cleaning and repairing your old rug. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for a quote. Cleaning costs £18 p/sqm and is done carefully by our professionals the traditional way using no nasty chemicals that would deteriorate your rug. And for repairs you would need to send us pictures and details to get an estimate POA.