About Me

Emily Griffin.
Designer & Maker.


Mahala is an independent homewares and accessories shop selling handmade bags and unique handcrafted pieces made in store by designer/maker Emily Griffin.

Emily has many strings to her bow and has been part of the east London scene for almost twenty years. She first arrived in London in 1999 to study accessory and footware design at Cordwainers College in Hackney.

A gifted designer, she was headhunted by top brands. However after working in the industry for several years she became disillusioned with the “wear it one season and throw it away” approach of mainstream fashion.

Since then her colourful resume has included styling and interior design.

Responsible for a number of innovative retail and bar schemes she regularly uses salvaged and unique materials and furnishings for her projects.

Emily is a proponent of “slow fashion”. She believes in making products that will last a life time and that will never go out of style. Her handcrafted unisex bags hold true to that philosophy – made entirely by hand in her workshop from recycled materials such as saddlery and military canvas kit bags – they’re built to endure.

In October 2015, Emily began trading under the name of Mahala and opened her first shop on Hackneys vibrant Well Street.

The name Mahala holds particular significance for Emily it being the name of her great grandmother -Ada Mahala- an acknowledgement of her well grounded inspiration and the personality infusing her work.